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14+ Incredible jQuery Text Animation Plugins & Examples
14+ Incredible jQuery Text Animation Plugins & Examples
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If you are a web designer or developer

you may need some useful web tools to successfully create a project. Using tools or plug-ins can not only make your project great but also save a lot of precious time. Creating a plug-in from scratch is a time-consuming process.

If you are working on any large project, then you may need to create a custom jquery plugin for the project yourself based on the project requirements. However, if you are building a project with a low budget, you should use pre-built plugins.

Many developers have created amazing plug-ins, such as sliders, parallax animation, text animation, smooth scrolling and more. They released these plug-ins for free and commercial purposes, although some plug-ins require donations to be used in commercial projects. Therefore, I recommend that you check the plug-in license before using it for commercial purposes.

As a developer, I also use these types of plugins for many of my client projects. Recently, I was working on a client’s project and needed to integrate unique text animations and effects. The project is small and my client does not have the budget to create these effects from scratch. Therefore, I used the plug-in that is most suitable for my project. I decided to share these types of plugins and tutorials with our users, who may also need to integrate jquery text animation into the next project like mine. Each plug-in has a detailed document, which describes detailed information about the use process.

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image gallery jquery plugin.

If you a web developer you need to some essential jquery plugin for animation, lightbox, jQuery Gallery Plugins, jquery image, query image plugin, jquery gallery plugin, image viewer jquery plugin, cool jquery plugins. jquery add image etc


jQuery Gallery Plugins



ScrollUp is one of the most popular jQuery plugins right now. With the help of this, you will be able to create a customizable “Scroll to top” option which will work with any kind of website easily. The plugin is an ideal one for the beginners.ScrollUp is a fully customizable plugin from CSS which makes it very simple to execute it right into your desired project. You can target the scrollUp’s own generated ID for you inside your CSS file easily and set your required styles. The plugin requires very minimal setup and is easy going. The beginners can easily try this plugin initially for their websites.


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Nivo Slider

Nivo Slider is one of the most popular plugins by jQuery. It operates without the requirement of any setup. You can initiate adding sliders within the blog posts and pages right after you finish the installation. Another specialty of the plugin is that it does not require any coding skills. Nivo plugin will allow you to use stylish integrated themes to make your website stylish. Novocain operate with all the WordPress themes and websites which is a very useful feature to have. It has also got an automatic image cropping option for making your sliders look beautiful.


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Name: Cre-animate

Cre-animate is one of the most popular plugins of jQuery where you can have the feature of scrolling animation. The users of this plugin have always given good reviews on the software. There is also the inclusion of Animation Generator so that you can easily choose your required options for the properties of animation and the generator will allow loading the code for your website.With the help of Cre-animate, you easily add on-scroll animations to any component in your website.

You will have the full access to the type, speed, time interval of animations.


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ScrollMe has been one of the most widely used plugins of jQuery with scrolling animations. This very plugin helps to add simple scrolling effects to the web pages. Here, two types of classes are implemented to define the components that ScrollMe works with. They are scrollme&animateme. The scrollme class has got a container for animated elements. The propagation of the animations is dependent on the scrolling through the elements.The animateme class defines the elements with an animation feature. This is a very user-friendly plugin.


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ScrollMagic is one of the most popular jQuery plugins at present. The specialty of this plugin is it can let you use the scrollbar just as a playback scrubbing control. The Animation feature is mainly based on the scroll position. You need to pin an element initiating at a specific scrolling position – either indefinitely or only for a precise quantity of scroll progression of sticky components. You can effortlessly use the parallax effects to your websites by using this plugin. ScrollMagic is a jQuery plugin which essentially lets you use the scrollbar like a playback scrub control.


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 JQuery Tilted Page Scroll

You will always want something fancy to build your website to attract visitors and improve your visibility and ranking. The jQuery titled page scroll plugin will give you this versatile feature on your website. This plugin from Pete R. is an effective way to draw people’s attention and in adding a whole new dimension to your website. After installing it, the elements will tilt into the view since they scroll up on the page and will tilt again as they scroll out of the top part of the page. It’s a beautiful-looking effect which is very easy to implement.


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jQuery Smoove

jQuey Smoove is one of the most versatile plugins right now. Smoove is a beautiful jQuery plugin if you are looking to add amazing CSS3 effects which are based on scrolling. The plugin can add these features to the Html elements as you scroll down the page. By implementing the data-EFFECT attributes to your Html elements, the Smoove plugin can help you in scaling, rotating, fading and moving the elements when they’re scrolled for viewing. The layout which it has got is a beautiful one and the users feel very comfortable using it.


 More Info / Download



Scrollrevealjs is one of the most widely used plugins from jQuery. It has added a whole new dynamic to the users while building a website. ScrollReveal is a popular jQuery plugin which can detect the time of the elements becoming visible in your viewport. You can apply this feature on any cool CSS3 animations for them as you scroll down the webpage. In this plugin, you can easily add custom effects to the elements as your wish. It is a very user-friendly plugin.


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Bootstrap Star Rating

Bootstrap Star Rating is a simple but very effective JQuery plugin for. It has got the star rating feature integrated within it. Thus plugin has got advanced features like the fractional star fill and an RTL input assistance. The Bootstrap Star Rating is developed with a motive on utilizing pure CSS-3 designs to render the control. The plugin uses Bootstrap markup and styling since the feature is integrated here as a default. Another specialty of this plugin is that it can be manipulated with any other CSS markup. It is very easy to use for beginners.


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Rater.js is one of the most popular plugins by jQuery right now.It is a very simple-looking plugin but a very effective one in the industry. It has got a library to work on a rating component. There are also several other libraries out there to implement here. the coding process here is a very easy one and it takes a very little time to understand the codes. The plugin should be provided with Bootstrap and font awesome for the rendering of the stars.


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jQuery Bar Rating Plugin

jQuery Bar Rating Plugin is one of the most versatile plugins found right now. jQuery Bar Rating Plugin works by the conversion of a standard selected field into a widget which is used for rating. The rating widget can be styled with the CSS components. It has got good flexibility for its users. The plugin has got the feature of being compatible to star ratings with the most popular libraries and it can be used to show fractional star ratings as well. This plugin from jQuery is one of the best in the lot.


More Info / Download



Page Piling is a popular jQuery plugin which helps you to create your website into several partitions which pile up on top of oneanother. By scrolling or accessing the URL, each section will get revealed in a sliding animation which is neat. pagePiling.js is compatible with all the platforms – desktop, tablet PC and mobile and more importantly, it works with most of the browsers. To use the plugin, you need to attach a CSS and a JavaScript file inside your HTML program. The plugin has got a beautiful design and is user-friendly.


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