Most Popular Web Development Framework for 2022

Thinking about the most popular web development framework for 2020 at first you need to know how a website is developed.

Then you must have vast knowledge about the frontend and backend development work.

Coming to the point of what these terms frontend and backend development mean actually?

These two are the base parts of any web development. You can check this link for installing laravel framework

In short, what we visualize in the website, that portion altogether comprehended as frontend.

On the other hand, the backend is used for database maintenance. This part can not be seen by viewers.

When you open any website that you can see; writing, images, tables, any template all are built by some languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

On the other side, the backend assembles the database maintenance part. What we do on the website, all data preserved and processed in this part.

PHP, Ruby, Python etc are the languages that are used to build the backend that is used to make an application and database communicate with each other.

To find, change, or save any data languages like MySQL, Oracle, and SQL Server is utilized.

The importance of these two types of developments is vice-versa. Combinedly these two develop a full website.

The developer who has the knowledge about both of the types and can do both backend and frontend development is known as a full-stack developer.

Here we are describing the six most popular web development frameworks for 2020, among them three frontend frameworks and the other three are backend frameworks.

3 most popular frontend frameworks :

  1. React
  2. Angular
  3. Vue


In nowadays React is one of the most popular frontend frameworks. It is the simplest frontend framework. It’s virtual DOM(Document Object Model) offers its exceptional functionality.

Its tools are super constructive and most advanced. Its components reusability character multiplies its demand.

This frontend framework shows consistent and smooth performance that’s why it is an ideal framework for those who anticipate high traffic and need a stable platform to handle all this stuff.

This frontend framework is easy to learn and use but not that much easy for beginners who just started to learn about the framework.

React also has some disadvantages like it needs constant and multiple updates.

Another disadvantage is that this framework only gives frontend solutions.


Angular is standing on second position on-demand of the frontend framework in one research study. It is user friendly and easy to sort out any problem.

Google, Microsoft, Paypal like renowned platforms use it.

It is on-demand in building mobile and desktop web applications. It is specialized in building single-page applications.

It can use HTML code and TypeScript.


Vue is one of the most popular, versatile, simple, and straightforward frontend frameworks.

It helps in multiple tasking and also good at removing complexities that you might face on the Angular framework.

It is small in size and offers two major advantages combined. One is visual DOM and the other is component-based. It is a 2-way binding framework.

The most interesting thing is it can handle both simple and dynamic processes very easily.

The renowned Alibaba, 9gag, Xiaomi is the user of the Vue framework.

Lack of stability in components and language barriers with the plugin and components are some disadvantages of the Vue framework.

3 most popular backend framework:

  1. Express
  2. Django
  3. Laravel


Express is the most popular trending backend framework. It is a Node.js web application.

It is on high demand for its high flexibility and trustability issue. That’s why it is used by Accenture, IBM, and Uber.

Express is a minimalistic, fast web framework. It is straightforward and very easy to set up.

Express supports the REST API application and it provides fundamental web development features.


Django is another popular backend framework. It is the MVT(Model-View-Template) framework. It uses Python for web development.

It provides a bunch of features like authentication, messaging, security essential.

Django follows the Convention Over Configuration pattern and the DRY pattern.

The DRY pattern principle gives importance to reusing the code.

It is highly scalable and customizable and encourages fast development.

Google, Instagram, Youtube even NASA for their website using the Django backend framework.


Laravel is another on-demand backend framework. It launched under MIT license in 2011.

It is an open-source PHP framework and based on MVC architecture. It is a simpler, lightweight micro-framework.

It has its own command-line interface. It allows microservices and high-performance APIs and it is compatible with Google App Engine.

Laravel is usually recommended for building a blog, news, e-commerce website.

Final words

All the frameworks are beatable with each other with their own features. The selection depends on the developer’s choice and expertise.

However, depending on clients’ requirements experimenting on a new framework is fun and a great learning experience too.

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