Basic to advance: How to Become an article writer

Firstly You need to know why you are writing an article. What are the benefits of content writing? It’s just on your mind.

Many people are writing Review for a product, historical place, Blogging and they even know better the tropic.
So I think You have a skill for writing. You are a good writer when you know better the content topic. So many topics are online every marketer needs a content, writer. Cause they are want to teach people by content. I think you already know why you become a content writer?

What is the profit of article writing?

You can earn money online or you can work with an online company. They are giving you per content payments or paying you in months.
Every company needs a good content writer. Because they want quality content for people to learn and earn something.

How much money you can earn by writing per month?

There are two methods you can earn per content or you can earn per month.
You need to talk to your clients. What he wants to you and what is good for him? If he wants to pay you per month or per day, just agree with him If you are a new content writer or Some people want more money the first time and they are showing him attitude. It’s not good for you or good for clients. Even I know if you take it professionally you will earn a minimum of 1$ maximum1000$ per month. It depends on you.

How can I find an article writing job?

If anyone had said this 10 years ago. It was very difficult before time. But at the present time, it was so easy. A lot of marketplaces are internets they are looking for good content writers and many clients are waiting to give an opportunity for content writing. I would like to say If you have the skills you working on in the marketplace. Before you need to research the market place. Then create an account and complete all requirements and starting the work.

How kind of article for writing?

I’m just sharing the most common topic. At the present time, every marketer is using this topic.
• Blog
• Trending Topics
• Educational
• Tutorials
• Reviews
• Industry
• About company

How do you satisfy your client?
There are some people like this online who never work but he shows such demand as if he has done a lot of work. This cannot be done. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. But if you are new to content writing you must start with less money then your client can pay you when you do a good job. Of course, treat the client well and he will pay attention to you. You will always try to be free with your client and talk to him in a very happy way.
If he wants to pay you one dollar for every content you just agree with him, if you are new but it will be seen later that he will not hesitate to pay you 1000 dollars! The more you work with him, the more faithful you will become.

How to gain knowledge day by day?

You need to read the online news portal and
learning every day new words and discussing your friend and family member about the topic. If you are want to be a professional content writer you need to know everything. But first, you have to research skills. If you are given any topic, you can easily research it online and write it down.
Don’t waste your time trying to do better something that you have to know about the present time.

I don’t have grammar skills? How can I write?

That’s not a problem you don’t have grammar skills want. The problem is you’ll never try to learn grammar. It’s ok I just suggest to you. You can use Grammarly. It’s automatically showing you what is the problem with your sentence.

I want to make a website?

I don’t have coding knowledge. How can create a website? It’s so easy you can find lot of themes in below. I’m just sharing with you a Responsive and professional theme you just download it and use for the website. 10 Best Personal Blog Themes & Magazine Themes. 

Also, You can check this link for how to make a WordPress website by link.

If you have a website and you are good content don’t waste your time just build content and starting the website and earning a lot of money by Google absence.

Which website is best for article writing?

I suggest you using WordPress. WordPress is the CMS. You’ll easily manage your content.

Do you help me with making website?

Yes absolutely right. We are ready to help people. You can contact us on our website.

Content writing niche.

  1. Perfect headline
  2. Step of article writing
  3. How to be an article writer
  4. Select a topic
  5. Research
  6. Deliver value by your content

Perfect headline:

What is the perfect headline?


20+ Most Popular Free Content Management Systems (CMS) 2020.

10+ Best creative Popular items  WordPress theme in 2020.

When you are a beginner you don’t have writing skills and how to create a perfect headline for your article you need to research your competitor.

Writing content is an art. You need to read a newspaper article, watching a movie, and read a blog post every day. The matter is you’ll find all content providers are set a unique headline.

Someone said that (“A Perfect headline can keep visitors”). So focus on your topic and always trying creating an attractive and meaningful headline.

Suppose you have a dog. You trying to writing content what the dog does all day?

You must first give an interesting title.

Example: You Need to Know What Does My Dogs do?

You can firstly introduce your dog then you writing a description.

Step of article writing:

It’s common to question how to be an article writer?

When I’m trying to write something. I failed every time.

Cause My Vocabulary is not good. That’s why I’m facing a problem. But I use apps It’s help for writing. I’m talking about google translated. You can find in play store. You need to read and write to everybody. It increases your skill. Many people are never trying so they are fall and give up. I recommend to you can read this topic Content writing service.

Article writing looks like a dream! If you take it passionately. You need to Efficiency.

You couldn’t talk when you were younger. But at one stage he has learned everything. So you have to learn article writing. Never give up. Then maybe you can bring yourself to the world by your skill. You need to choose the category what do you want to write to us.

  1. Website content writer.
  2. Newspaper content.
  3. Personal blog.
  4. Affiliate marketing content.

Select a Topic.

If you are a blogger. You need to visit a place

You may have to visit a lot of places and you can take pictures. Then you can publish these on your website

If you affiliate marketer you need to select the topic. You also want to write about a niche.

Hopefully, the content will be of great use to you and let us know your opinion by commenting.

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