20+ Most Popular Free Content Management Systems (CMS) 2020

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If you would like to create websites that area unit largely content-based,the best choice to opt for is typically a content management systems.

If you think that of setting upa custom web site that… Word Press WordPress is that the final internet commercial enterprise platform and CMS, a social unit name in the content management system trade. Sites of all sizes rely upon WordPress to assist post, maintain… foremost you wish to grasp why you’re writing content. What area unit the advantages of content writing? It’s simply on your mind. many of us area unit writing Review for a product,… at this time libraries are getting well-liked each day thanks to the straightforward thanks to realize info web. It additionally helps to seek out rather than actual books on the web…. come back up with what premium WordPress plugins area unit value it slow and money?

CMS: What is it and how does it work?

CMS is a software that will give you a platform to easily manage content and to establish a website. Normally, web pages are stated in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS programming languages. Building a website by not using a CMS platform will ask you for a good command of these languages which is tough. You can easily make a website without knowing how to write code or without learning any programming language.

20 Popular Free CMSs of 2020

There have been many CMSs nowadays in the online platform. But some of them are more popular than others and among them, 20 are described below:


This is one of the largest CMS and to some extent, the most user-friendly one. Firstly, it was considered as a platform for blogging. But, it has grown far beyond that point. WordPress is very easy to use and customizable too. When it comes to content management, WordPress also gives you an excellent experience. Publishing new content and formatting get very easy here as it has a powerful editor. It provides intuitive options for forpublishing and content management. WordPress is the best (cms) content management systems.


Joomla is a big name in the content management hub. Joomla will be great to use if you need to develop a lot of content but mostly they should not be text-based.  This platform offers a lot more options when it comes to the management of the contents and easily you can manage your (CMS) content management systems Joomla also includes multilingual assistance for its users. That means you don’t need to use extensions to add more languages to your website. Joomla also enables you to use many templates or themes for several types of content.


Drupal is another name in the world of content management. It provides flexibility for dealing with the custom type of posts. It has access to handle multilingual websites. It has its dignified taxonomy system, for example, is much more powerful than its competitors. Drupal is considered to be a platform that is very secure.It has a vastly advanced coding standard. It will provide you with discussion through forums. It is also a user-friendly platform.

Shopify (eCommerce)

Shopify is another CMS platform which is focused on helping the freelancers. It also helps cooperative businesses that need reliable and secure eCommerce platform service providers. It has been in the industry for long. Millions of people can buy, sell and trade their products here. It can be used in any device, be it a phone, laptop or a tab,


Wicks is one of the most popular website developers in the industry. It provides its users with a great service, but you need to keep in mind that you can’t decide where and how to host the platform. This makes it easier to build than most other platforms.

Magneto (eCommerce)

If you are looking for an independent CMS platform, then Magento is the one to serve your purpose. A big company where people aren’t engaged much with technology and the company needing a professional enterprise, magneto is the ultimate solution to these problems. Companies like Nike, Adidas use this platform for their eCommerce.


Blogger has evolved gradually over the years. It is considered more as a blogging platform. But people nowadays are using it as a CMS platform. A lot more flexibility has been added to this platform over the last few years. It offers some great features like custom domain, templates and theme and the perfect platform for foodies, photographers and creative personalities.


If you are looking to create unique websites and web application software, then Contao is the one you should use.It will provide you with great editing features, amazing site structure, form builder, responsive images, built-in file compiler, and many more. It works in a drop technology.

Craft CMS

Craft CMS offers you the freedom you need while developing a website. You can build here any type of website including eCommerce sites. It will provide you localization, support with 3rd-party plugins, instant updating, templating.


The fork is a big name in the content management system industry. The interface of this system is very user-friendly and it makes sure that both beginners and the professionals getbenefitby using it. It also has built-in components for performing marketing solutions.


Umbraco provides amazing flexibility and versatility. By using it, you can manage and maintain your website very easily. It provides multiple themes and object-oriented visuals.Some of its internal special packages come within a fee. But you will have pleasure while employing this content management system.


It is a very user-friendly platform to use, especially for beginners. It has very stable operation.The live demo after being installer will help you to build a test project. It has powerful editing methods built within it.


TYPO3 is a popular CMS platform. It has a large integration of features. It is known that integration of these certain features can slow down the site and overall site performance, but that is not the case with TYPO3. The developers made TYPO3 flexible and as well as user friendly. You can also add extensions to it by using new functions without writing any codes.


Once it was used to be just a forum platform. In the past few years, the developers turned it into a CMS platform. It involves many localized forum functions. People who want to build a community within content should use vBulletin. It is very safe to use and the team developing this CMS have a big experience with building platforms.


Liferay is a new addition in today’s list of popular (CMS) content management systems. This platform will help you build customer portals, management sites, object-oriented visuals too. Liferay’s new approach to design has enabled them to draw the attention of their audiences. People who want to build professional sites with the help of latest advancements should look up to this.


It is another popular CMS platform. It has a very easy and handy process to build the website. Like WordPress, you can install different themes and templates here and build a website using text, images, and videos.


Online businesses require decent reviews and promotions. The Magnolia CMS is focused specifically on companies that need websites that can perform almost everything. The beauty here is that you can add several functions and make it more useful for your convenience.


It is an easy content management system that helps you in setting up a simple website within several minutes. The platform uses a drag-and-drop system, so you can add features and visuals to your website easily.


Bynder is a popular CMS that allows brands to create, find, use and work on content at ease. It provides quality workflows to assist brand managers, marketers and editors produce, approve and circulate new content.

Concrete 5

Concrete5 is a free PHP rooted CMS. You can manage websites with minimal technical skills. Concrete5 provides version management for each page.


Before making a website, today you must know about different CMSs and their uses. So that you can build a proper website utilizing the features within the platform.

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