14 Reasons Why SEO is Important You should know about it

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Why SEO Is Important?

The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. As a website developer or an owner of an e-commerce platform or anyone related to the online publishing portals, you will always want your website or page to be more visible to the people when they search for something in search engines like Google. SEO is mainly a digital strategy of marketing that focuses on making your websites more visible in the search engines so that people can have access to them easily. If you know how SEO works, you can make your website more visible by using different tactics. SEO’s main function is to gather all the information about your website and then rank it based upon people’s demand and the algorithm of the search engines. There are both on-page and off-page factors to determine the ranking which will determine how well you have optimized your website. The on-page factors include title tags, contents, speed of the site, URLs of the page, image alternative tags, internal linking and more. However, off-page factors are mostly based on the links of your site from other sites. SEO Is Important today’s world, everything is managed online. From shopping to doing office, everything is now online and the importance of building a proper website is inexplicable. SEO is one of the vital things to build a good website. The importance of SEO is described below in the following points:

Improves visibility and ranking of a website

One of the most important tasks of SEO is improving the visibility and ranking of a website. The popular search engines on the internet such as Google changes and manipulates its search algorithms, procedures now and then forgiving the visitors a good experience. A well-developed SEO always works on the changing algorithms and structures of the search engines and modifies the websites in such a way that people can find the websites very easily and have a good experience while visiting the sites. Is the importance of search engine marketing.

You don’t want to build a dull website where a good number of visitors do not feel interested to visit. SEO improves the ranking of your website and as a result of this, the visibility of the website rises. Then, more people will click on your website and thus, the visibility of your website will get increased. SEO will help you in making your website’s rank higher in the search results and gaining more visibility online and making potential visitors more headed to click on your site

Improves the Web-traffic

what is seo and why is it important? Nearly 33% of the visitor’s clicks go on to the contents and links which pop up in the first page after searching something on the search engine. This simply implies the fact of how important it is for a website to have good visibility as well as a good ranking. The first five pages cover almost 75% of the total result of a particular click. That means vis


ibility and ranking are very important for your website. Improved web-traffic is one of the vital objectives of SEO. You can improve your web-traffic

by simply boosting up your visibility and ranking. You can check out this link SEO-friendly WordPress theme.

Simply put, if the potential customers are not being able to find your website, you will miss the massive marketing opportunities. SEO improvises your organic search engine traffic and thus, increases the number of visitors on your website. This directly results in increasing the number of sales because, the more relevant visitors see your website, the more likely you are in for selling products to them. The ones who have a good web-traffic will always remain ahead of the ones who do not have good web-traffic.

Building the Authority

Authority has been a newly brought concept in the SEO industry. You cannot buy or sell authority here and also it cannot be given or taken away. Importance of SEO in digital marketing;

Authority is based on the influence of your website on the audiences and what your website stands for.

It tries to link a website and relevant customers. This linkage is created by the search engines which evaluates the website and selects to put it among the first in the SERPs. It depends on different kinds of factors which include age, popularity, and the volume of that website which combinedly resembles authority. So, SEO is linked to the website authority, as this vital component helps the websites to get quickly counted and ranked properly in the results of the search.

Search engines want to provide their users with search results that can be trusted. Your website may have good authority and services for visitors. But you also need to have a high domain authority through which people can have access to high-quality content.

SEO improves the Relevancy of your website.

Relevancy is one of the most important tasks which is accomplished by SEO for your website. A web developer must ask himself how relevant is the content of the page following the query of his visitor regarding keyword. This states that if you are going to sell a bike, your content must not go somewhere off the topic and it should be related to only cars. While creating your content, you should keep in mind about the search terms. Is a common knowledge SEO is important everyone knows it. You should consider that your customers are surfing on the web. “Eco-friendly cheap cars”. You should always bridge some relation between the keyword and the content so that, your customers will be helped and at the same time they will have a good experience. If a clear linkage between your content and the targeted keywords is not noticed, the relevance of your website would get hampered.

If you master the basics of SEO, you can build a website for you that has relevance between the keyword and content which will simply improve the visibility and ranking of the website. So, SEO is very important in maintaining the relevancy of your website. Ensuring good relevancy will always attract visitors to come to your site.

SEO is Trust.

There are somethings which are very difficult to build up but destroying them is very easy. Trust is one of such things. The search engines have always required a medium to establish trust, particularly in online marketing and to establish a verification to that trust. The trust of a website is dependent on various aspects such as the popularity, time-to-time updates, and the traffic it contains. If a site has all these basics covered, the possibility that search engines like Google will put it in the forward line is very prominent.

SEO helps you to build trust within your website. It is a long-term procedure and very beneficial to consolidate trust for your site. Gradually, the website’s visibility and ranking will be noticed to have improved.

Just like the relationship among human beings, search engines try to evaluate the trustworthiness of the sites by examining the companies they keep. The sites which link to your one, the ones you are linking to, and the sites which share your contents, all of these helps search engines to decide whether your site can be trusted or not.

SEO is making your website competitive in the market.

Today’s world is all based on online marketing, advertisement, and having good command in online functionalities. Developing a proper website and then manipulating it to be competitive in the market is not an easy task. SEO helps the people here who build the website and want to make them competitive with the best ones in the world. You will always want your websites to be socially promoted with good advertisements so that they can reach a good number of people. Thus, your website can gain the trust of people and they can get a good user experience. Again, people who find your website while searching in search engines like Google or Yahoo will be headed to promote it on Facebook, Twitter, and many other social media. Through this, your website will get a wide reach.

SEO ensures the proper functioning of your website.

Every system in the world requires proper maintenance and functioning. A website after being developed requires the proper functioning so that it can be represented properly among its audiences.

You can easily build up a website for you today. But what about maintaining it properly and staying in the competition for a long time? It is not that easy as building it up. Since the advent of SEO, people have been easily managing their websites without any hassle.

SEO is a very important means for the smooth maintenance and functioning of a big website. Websites with more than one author can also be benefited from SEO in both direct and indirect way. The increase of visitors in the search engine traffic is one of the most vital direct benefits they get. However, their indirect benefit comes from having a common framework which they implement before the publishing of content on the website.

SEO is always up-to-date with the newest addition in the search world.

The world is now going through an age of modern technology and its advancement. In the world of the internet, the search engines, the websites and their many components are being updated regularly. SEO is always up to the task whichever updates may arrive from time to time. It always helps its users to be ahead of the competitive game. Now and then, search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others manipulate their algorithms. The tactics of SEO are such that if they are adapted once properly, they will help you greatly in evaluating your website with the updates and make necessary adjustments. If You looking for a Adsence WordPress theme check out 10+ google Adsense WordPress theme.

It’s great when SEO tactics are executed on a brand’s website and across its digital properties. The way the search world is evolving, basically at the discretion of search engines like Google, it requires constant evaluation for changes to stay ahead of the game.


Understanding SEO will help you to understand the overall environment of the Web.

As a web developer, it is very important to know about the newly made changes to the overall web functioning. Today, everything is being run by modern technology and its advancement. It is a difficult task to cope with the regular changes that happen in the World Wide Web, its functionalities and different adjustments. It gets tough to stay on top of the changes and cope with them as they take place. But you can easily overcome the changes and cope with them once you are acquainted with the skills and basics of SEO. SEO can easily keep you up-to-date with the changes that occur in the world wide web and make you able to make your websites updated.

Good SEO ensures a better user experience.

Everyone wants good organic ranking and maximum visibility. Only a few people realize that user experience in optimum quality can play a big role in getting there. Google has adapted the ways how to interpret a favorable and unfavorable user experience. Positive user experience has become a vital driving force to a website’s success. It is very clear to the customers what they want. If they can’t get it, there’s going to be a huge problem and the overall performance of the website will suffer.

A clear example of building a strong user experience can be seen through how Google has become more and more reliable as a search engine of which is offering the asked-after information directly on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) for users.You will always want the highest number of people to be visiting your website and have a good user experience so that they can also tell others to visit the website. Quality SEO always enables a positive user experience.

SEO is comparatively cheap.

You have to make a proper investment to make your business stand properly. SEO is one of the most popular platforms to learn how to grow your website, improve the functionalities and to give the customers a pleasurable experience. It will help you to improvise your business online. There is no useful thing in the world which comes without money. SEO comes with a cost but it is way cheaper than many others in the market. SEO is relatively cheap in the grand plan of things. The payoff is most likelyto be considered following the benefit of the company and the bottom statement.

You should not consider it as a cost for marketing. This is a true investment for your business. Day by day, your business will grow and you will get to know about the useability of learning SEO.

SEO can win you the big game.

It is very important in this competitive world to be ahead of the game be it in business or anywhere. The online platform is about advancing and crossing the others. SEO is such a platform by learning which, you will get well-acquainted with the skills to build a proper website for you and make it popular among the people. High-quality SEO will always find the means of finding new opportunities for the brands to not just be discovered but also come to limelight. SEO looks after every small thing in your online business and makes it very easy to maintain as well. It’s the only way to truly bring a brand in front of a large number of people.

SEO is a Long-Term Strategy.

People always want their business to be run in a proper way and that too for a long time. SEO helps your business to improve and get better and it does these for a long time. This is one of the major advantages of SEO. Every one of us will want to raise a good business via the online platform. But do we do that for really a short time? No, we don’t. you want your business to be a long-lasting one. For that, you need to know the basics of SEO. By gaining the knowledge of SEO and its basics, you will get to know the shortcomings and the areas where you can improve for your business.  SEO does have a noticeable impact within the first year of business and then it will impact positively for several years. As the market is evolving, it’s obvious to follow the new trends and fluctuations closely.

Measuring different elements here is Easy.

One of the biggest advantages of SEO is that you can measure every part of your results by virtual means. Unlike the traditional methods you see often, which often do rely on looking for several co-ordinations between advertisement campaigns and sale programs, it’s easy to calculate the profit and outcome you’re getting from the SEO investment.

Tools like Google Analytics can be used to monitor your traffic, sources related to referrals, conversions, and any other criteria that matter to your business. In this way, you can accurately get to know about what is working and what is not. the process will also make you confident that you’re allocating your budget of marketing to the strategies that have the most vital impact in achieving your most important goals.

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